15 September 2017

Annual Giving in Support of Our Community

As a result of ongoing support from Cromwell Property Group, including its staff, employees and broader community, the Cromwell Foundation proudly donated $105,000 during the 2016/17 financial year.

The sizeable donation has been channelled to support the beneficial works of the Australian Liver Foundation and Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy.

Cromwell Foundation Committee Chair, Jodie Clark, said the Foundation was proud to continue its annual philanthropic support of lesser known charities and causes, and donate for impact.

“Underpinning our company values at Cromwell is the belief that we should support the communities we operate in. The Foundation’s mission is designed to align closely with the profile of our investors, and we are proud to support two extremely worthy causes this year,” Ms Clark said.

Australian Liver Foundation (ALF) $50,000 Donation
ALF was established in response to the huge and growing need for more research into diseases of the liver and bile duct, in particular liver cancer, which is the second largest cause of cancer death in the world. By 2030, it is estimated this number will grow to over eight million Australians affected.

For the third year in a row the Foundation has donated $50,000 to the ALF. The $150,000 total donation is driving the development of a novel blood test to improve the early diagnosis of liver cancer and has expanded the testing base to various hospitals in Queensland. The test measures MicroRNAs in human blood which may likely be an ideal marker of liver cancer.

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy $55,000 Donation
Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy (Active) was established in 1993 to create an active approach to physiotherapy, differing from the traditional and passive models on offer at the time. In recent times, Active has made investments into research that advances patient care, contributes to the profession, and supports the broader health community. One investment has focused on better understanding and treating of Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is not well understood and is the second most-common neurological disease in Australia, with prevalence increasing by 17% in the last six years. Research conducted by a team of Australian Physiologists at the University of Sydney suggests protective, regenerative and potentially reversal effects of Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMt) on nerve cells in a range of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s.

The $55,000 donated by the Foundation will support one of the first human research projects in the use of PBMt to enhance the results of standard physiotherapy for patients with Parkinson’s.

The Cromwell Property Group Foundation was established in 2014 to support health, education, social and community welfare, and humanitarian efforts in the community.

The Foundation seeks to support charities which may receive little public attention, but whose valuable work will benefit significantly through philanthropic support.

With the help of investors, employees and the wider Cromwell community, we have donated over $494,000 since the inception of the Foundation.

Donations to the Cromwell Foundation of more than $2 are tax deductible. To donate, request a grant or seek more information, visit www.cromwellfoundation.org.au.

Originally published in Insight Spring 2017.