12 June 2014

Cromwell foundation donates $50,000 to Parkinson's NSW

New philanthropic organisation, the Cromwell Foundation, has marked its establishment with a $50,000 donation to Parkinson’s NSW. 

The Foundation aims to support charities that receive little public attention, but whose work will benefit significantly through philanthropic support.

Parkinson’s NSW will use the donation to build an interactive online exercise program which can be used by Parkinson’s patients. Developed by the University of Sydney, the project is expected to greatly improve quality of life for patients.

Parkinson’s NSW is a non-profit, community based organisation which provides information, counselling and support to people living with Parkinson’s, their carers, families and supporters. It encourages and provides funding for nursing scholarships and research into the cause, treatment and prevention of the disease. 

Parkinson’s NSW CEO Miriam Dixon thanked the Cromwell Foundation, which was officially launched in an intimate function at the Cromwell Sydney offices, for its support. 

“Thanks to the Cromwell Foundation, we will be able to create an online exercise program that can be used by housebound and or geographically isolated patients,” she said.

“The program is designed to be used safely, without the need for supervision, by all patients of Parkinson’s, whatever their level of physical disability.

“We will also be able to upgrade our website to include a directory of services, ranging from which hospitals provide DBS surgery to a list of providers. There will also be a comprehensive guide to activities available to the Parkinson’s community, such as music, dancing and more vigorous exercise programs.”

Cromwell Chief Executive Paul Weightman said the Foundation was pleased to support the positive contribution that Parkinson’s NSW was making to the community.

The Cromwell Foundation has also contributed $50,000 to the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA) Australia, which supports people with a rare, and painful condition known as the ‘suicide disease’ due to the extreme pain it causes on the face, scalp and jaws. TNA Australia will use the donation from the Cromwell Foundation to plan its sixth national conference next year.

The Cromwell Foundation identifies causes through feedback received via the Cromwell Property Group’s Annual Securityholder Survey and engagement with investors, financial advisers and community leaders. This enables the alignment of benevolent goals with those of our key stakeholders.

Donations to the Cromwell Foundation of more than $2 are tax deductible. To donate, request a grant or seek more information on the Cromwell Foundation please go to www.cromwellfoundation.org.au.

For more information on Parkinson’s NSW visit: www.parkinsonsnsw.org.au