16 March 2019

Cromwell Property Group Foundation to announce 2019 beneficiaries at ‘An Evening at the Circus’

On Thursday 20 June, the Cromwell Property Group Foundation (Foundation) will announce its 2019 beneficiaries at ‘An Evening at the Circus’.

‘An Evening at the Circus’ follows August 2017’s ‘Underground Opera’, which was held at the Spring Hill Reservoir in Brisbane. The donations pledged throughout that event culminated in over $50,000 being raised.

During the 2017 fundraising event, Cromwell CEO and Foundation board member, Paul Weightman, addressed attendees on behalf of the Foundation.

“We are so proud to have raised such a significant amount through our first fundraising event dedicated to the Foundation. It is truly heart-warming to see such a diverse group of individuals from various organisations come together to help raise funds for the Foundation’s chosen beneficiaries,” said Mr Weightman.

This year, ‘An Evening at the Circus’ aims to continue this sentiment, and celebrate the 2019 beneficiaries, who will be announced on the night. Guests will be immersed in an interactive and theatrical night of spectacular acrobatic and musical entertainment. Throughout the evening, they will be treated to a five-course, custom-designed degustation menu, inclusive of matching wines, from Urbane restaurant.

About the Foundation

Underpinning Cromwell’s values is the belief that we have a responsibility to contribute to the communities in which we operate, and one way we do this is through charitable support. Cromwell has a long history of supporting charitable organisations and continues to build on this legacy, in part, through the Foundation.

Established in January 2014, the Foundation has donated and pledged almost $800,000 to a range of worthwhile causes that conduct research into, or provide support to, causes relevant to the mature aged community.

Donations to the Cromwell Property Group Foundation of more than $2 are tax deductible. To donate, request a grant or seek more information, visit www.cromwellfoundation.org.au

NeuRA making strides thanks to the Foundation

In FY18, the Foundation provided $40,000 to Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) to specifically target falls in older adults.
Falls among older adults and people with neurological diseases are common and cause serious challenges for the individual, as well as health care systems. NeuRA proposed to conduct a randomised factorial trial of volitional and step training to improve balance recovery after slip and trip incidents among 100 community-dwelling older adults.

Reactive step training involves exposing participants to repeated slips and trips while secured in a full-body safety harness. At the beginning of the study, and at its conclusion after 16 weeks, participants were assessed for physiological and psychological fall risk, balance recovery skill after slips and trips, and followed up for six months for real life falls.

The first study focused on 44 community-dwelling older adults, where 22 participants underwent step training. At the end of this training, the participants experienced 60% fewer total falls, 67% fewer slip falls, and 51% fewer trip falls when exposed to standardised trips and slips in the laboratory.

The study demonstrated that older adults can improve their responses to trips and slips with repeated practice, and this new training paradigm may complement traditional exercise programs to prevent falls more effectively.